Wednesday 9 August 2017

Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Trio - Review

I've really enjoyed bits and pieces that I've tried from the last couple of collections from Zoella Beauty and when I saw Zoe was releasing yet another range I was excited to see what was on offer. I loved the whole vibe surrounding ice cream and the way she went, alongside friends, promoting the range (see in her vlog). I decided to choose three of the products that caught my attention in regards to packaging and only because I wasn't stuck for anything in-particular with having the biggest collection of bath products you will ever see!!! Let's get on with it shall we...

This definitely lives up to what it says on the packaging and it's a super moisturising body wash. The texture of this is almost like a body cream and is quite thick, it doesn't slide around the skin like your typical body wash and I find you have to use a little more product like you would a body cream for this reason. I love the how the packaging very much fits with the product and resembles that of a milkshake.

Having never used a bath milk powder I was very much intrigued by the bath frosting. It didn't do much to the bath apart from briefly turn it a milky colour. I loved the way my skin felt alongside using the the other two products.

The bath fizzer is my ultimate favourite product from each of the ranges from Zoella Beauty and even though this is the first to have colour added this is actually my least favourite from every bath fizzer released from the brand. I don't feel this bath fizzer does anything particularly exciting apart from release a faint pink colouring to the water and I also dislike the fact I'm paying the same amount of money for the other bath fizzers and only getting 2 baths out of this one. I'd of preferred the bath fizzer to be split like the bath fizzers in the previous collection. I also want to add that I don't mind paying the £5 this usually retails at due to it being the same amount of weight but that I'd of much preferred to get more use out of it. This does have the moisturising benefits it says it will have and I like the product for this reason.

Overall I'm not disappointed with the trio of products that I tried but it's certainly my least favourite from the Zoella Beauty collections that's been released due to the scent alone... I wanted to like the scent but I really don't. The packaging is amazing and I love the retro inspired feel and that it was made and well thought out around gelato. The products I purchased definitely have their moisturising benefits and do exactly what they say on the packet, slightly disappointed with the bath fizzer but all in all not a bad collection at all. 

These can be purchased from Superdrug and Feel Unique in the UK and various other stores worldwide.

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