Saturday 24 October 2015

The Last Witch Hunter Premiere & Review

 Wow!! This week has been an absolute whirlwind, Monday in-particular. Me and my partner attended The Last Witch Hunter premiere thanks to a win on Facebook with Entertainment One. It started off quite the nightmare actually because I won tickets on Thursday 15th and was notified via Facebook, unfortunately, the message went straight into my 'others' inbox and I didn't receive the message until Saturday Morning when I accessed Facebook via my laptop. I was quite worried in regards to the win because most companies don't wait long before choosing another winner, especially in a competition like a premiere and it being only a couple of days away from the big day it's self. After a quick search of their Facebook my worst fears were met when a message caught my eye saying 'thank you for my tickets to The Last Witch Hunter premiere'. I messaged the company saying I'd seen someone else had claimed my tickets, thank you for originally choosing me and I hope that everyone (including the new winner) had a lovely time at the premiere. I didn't hear anything for the rest of the weekend and at 10am Monday - the day of the premiere - I received a message saying I could still have tickets to go and to confirm that I was able to attend.

I'm at mother of two young children and live over 4 hours away (in good traffic) from London so it was a quick ring around to arrange after school pickup and childcare for my youngest, luckily it all worked out quite well. A quick shower, makeup done and my glam rags put on and we were out the door by 12.30 and on the road. We parked in Watford and got the train to Euston before getting the tube over to Leicester Square, and once there we had the most amazing time.

 Of someone that's just a regular member of the public getting to attend a premiere is pretty much a once in a life time opportunity so this being the second premiere I have now attended (see Divergent Premiere) makes me feel super fortunate and very, very lucky. Breathing the same air in the same room has some of my favourites actors was incredible; Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) and legend that is Michael Caine. It was no brainer that my boyfriend would be my plus 1 - he loves Vin Diesel as much as I do with Fast & Furious being his favourite movie franchise. 

I first heard of The Last Witch Hunter whilst sitting down to watch The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails less than a week before the premiere. I'm one of those girls who loves her films and when I saw the trailer and saw it was a fantasy film I got over excited and told my other half we had to see it, little did I know I'd be attending the premiere less than a week later. The premiere was very exclusive with only selected people invited.

The Last Witch Hunter is centered around witches. It's a fantasy film that's an original story, new, and kinda quirky with it never being done before. I don't want to go to much into it because it was only released on Wednesday in the UK and you may want to go and watch it yourself, but I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend you go see it. I have a new love for Rose Leslie and she really does remind me of an English Emma Stone (I know I'm British but I love her accent ha). And Vin Diesel is so down to earth. I give it 8/10 stars. The Last Witch Hunter is in cinema's worldwide now.

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  1. Oh wow! How exciting! I quite fancy seeing this even though it's not my type of film.


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