Monday 25 August 2014

Own Your Bed Head

French plait.
 I wonder how your hair looked this morning… Seriously! When you woke up, were you dealing with out-of-control frizz, an untamable tress-mess, or mangled tangles? -

I recently teamed up with Casper Sleep to bring you the 'own your bed head' project. If you didn't know, Casper is an American based mattress company delivering the most comfiest of mattresses to your home. Casper have teamed up with various bloggers to bring you tips for crazy, untamed, just out of bed, bed head hair, and how you can tame it without putting in to much effort, or if you have a little more time then you can put in a little more effort.

If you're one who wakes up with a crazy head of hair then some of the items above will be your hairs best friend. I think for those who have plenty of frizz in a morning need a Tangle Teezer in their life, a complete hair essential - and it helps with the knots. There's plenty of cheaper options on the market very similar to the Tangle Teezer if you feel it's a little out of your price range. Another essential for wispy bits that just won't keep in place are the good, old fashioned hair grips. My hair is full of layers so it can sometimes be hard putting every piece of hair up, so these keep each piece in place.When inserting the hair grips push them in side ways and then push them down towards your neck, this will make them less noticeable.

I for one have long-ish thin hair, which is naturally straight - unless I wash my hair, let it dry naturally and then go to bed. Which can have me waking up looking like I've been dragged through an hedge. One way to stop this happening is by applying various hair products, an hair oil or serum. Section your hair - starting from top and making your way up - and give yourself an at home blow dry using an curled brush. This will leave you with a salon looking blow dry (remember to use heart protection).

 One of my favourite hairstyles are anything that includes plaits. The french plait (seen above) uses every single piece of hair - minus the bits at the front that you want to keep down - and leaves a mess of tangles looking trendy and gorgeous. These are easy enough to do - once you've practiced a few times - or have a family member or friend help you out. You can use a bobble/hair band that's more suited to your hair shade, or grab your two year old daughters bobbles, like me. One of my favourite plaits for the Summer, especially, is a side fish plait. 

A super easy hair look is a messy bun. These are so easy to create and you can glam them up with knot headbands, and so on - they have really pretty affordable ones at ASOS. If you've got thin hair like me, putting your hair in a bobble / create a pony tail. Once done get a comb and back comb it, this will create some volume therefore your hair will be easier to work with, and manage, whilst creating your messy bun.To keep hair in place add some hairspray.

There's plenty of youtube tutorials to help you achieve these looks. I hope you've liked this post with it being a little different to what I'd usually do.


  1. I love French plaits so much and I love wearing them, I would wear them everyday if I could do but I can't do them on myself its so annoying !! :( loved this post xxx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. They definitely take a lot of practice. I got help with mine x

  2. This is so good, but my hair just will not behave at night, and I have the worst bedhead. Might still have to give this a little try!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. We all have our bad hair days, thank god for the tools lol x

  3. A bun is my savior when it comes to bed head!


    1. I wish my hair was thick enough to pull one off. With a bit of back combing or an added hair piece it can be possible though x

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