Thursday, 28 August 2014

I've Got Your Number By Sophie Kinsella | Book Review

I've heard so much about Sophie Kinsella, read loads of reviews and despite seeing that majority of her novels are right up my street I'd never sat down and read anything from her, until just recently. My first book of choice is I've Got Your Number. This book is a couple of years old, those who are fans of Sophie Kinsella have probably read this but being a newbie of this amazing writer I thought it only fair I shared this online with you - plus, I really enjoyed it.

Poppy is forever losing things, she might, quite possibly lose her mind. Poppy's lost her engagement ring, not just any engagement ring. One that's been in her partners family for generations. It just happens to be the very same day Magnus's parents are coming. A couple of glasses of bubbley is Poppy's worse nightmare happening when she loses the ring, in a panic she managed to lose her phone too. It's fate when she spots an abandoned phone in a bin, after all it's finders keepers! Right?! The phone owner doesn't agree, of course. None other then business man Sam Roxton. He wants his phone back, and doesn't appreciate Poppy interfering in his life and reading every personal text message, email, and even his voice mails. With things already in a tangle, things are about to get a lot more messy, and interesting.

I don't want to give to much away, but this book is such a good read. There's the witty banter that will bring you lots of laughter, and a romance - that's just meant to be. Poppy is such a likeable character too, easily relate-able if you're completely clumsy. I got this from Asda for £3.50 or it's two from a selection for £6.00.

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