Sunday, 16 February 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Summer of my Secret Angel by Anna Katmore

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At time of purchase, this book was free from Amazon for Kindle.

Jona is a out of control teenager, she's been living in care for twelve years and stealing whenever she get's the chance. Being caught by the police one day changers her life forever. Not only does she have to go live with her estranged mother, it just happens her Mum is settled in France, Jona finds herself at a vine yard living with a aunt she's never met, along with her mum's gorgeous caretaker Julian. He's everything she wants in a man, sexy, strong, playful, understanding and soon her best friend. Three days in and she's drawn to him, but what puzzle's her more then anything is his ability to save her dying mothers life with a touch of his hand.

My thoughts 

 It's insane how rude Jona is to her dying mother, but she's a likeable character and someone you can easily relate too. She's been through a lot and is looking for someone to blame, but at the same time doesn't have pity for herself and really just wants to get on with her life. She's completely sassy with a attitude to match, but deep down she's quite the opposite, afraid and affected by the past and just wants to be loved. Come Julian he's completely caring with a charm and knows very well how to get under Jona' skin, but he has secrets too. I don't want to give to much away, but this was such a great book, a completely lovely read with so much emotion. At time's it was so intense, I felt like I was apart of the story and it was really nice to see Jona with this bad girl exterior be so affected by Julian and become someone so completely different to who she portrays. Score 5/5. Recommend.

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