Sunday 2 February 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Honeymoon For One by Chris Keniston

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At time of purchase Honeymoon For One was free from Amazon for Kindle.

After being jilted by the man she's about to marry in a few day's time Michelle embarks on her honeymoon alone to escape the gossip. Whilst on her honeymoon her eye is caught by one hunky fella that makes her go weak at the knee's and knowing she'll never see him again, she shakes away her good girl persona and challenges her inner angel to someone a little more devil like and daring.

Back home she gets back to normal life, playing parent to her younger sister and getting back to her 9 til' 5 job. Both Michelle and Kirk aka Lloyd, can't stop thinking about one another though and unbeknown to both of them their going to  come back into one anothers life once more and he's not just anyone, he's her new boss.

My thoughts

It's a tale about a woman who is jilted days before they reached the alter in favour of her life long best friend. To escape the gossip Michelle embarks on a honeymoon for one, where she meets a hunky guy who leaves her angel behind and uncovers her inner devil. Drinking lots with dancing shoes on, she finds herself waking up most morning in Kirks bed and having adventures she never dreamed of. The weeks past quickly and she tries to forget about Kirk by going back to her normal life, bringing her sister up (their parents have died) etc etc. Unbeknown to her, Kirk is about to become her new boss, but he's not Kirk he is infact Lloyd and she's disappointed that he lied about his name and surprised to see him just has he is her. They try to keep their ship antics a secret but find themselves struggling to resist one another, despite Michelle being someone entirely different to her inner devil that was on board that ship. Lloyd and Michelle aren't what they think to be a match made in heaven, she's all about marriage and family life and him the complete opposite. But with Lloyd unable to shake off his thoughts of Michelle and her job laying his hands, he may just change his ways to be with her after all. I thought it was a good enough novel, that kept me gripped and I loved the romance of it all and seeing someone change the way they are for the woman he loved. Score 4/5.

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