Thursday 23 August 2018

Red's True Barbecue | Foodie Review

You know when your mind goes blank and you sit there all quizzical wondering whether you've ever reviewed a restaurant that you've previously attended or not? Well, I'm here with one of those moments whilst I write this post - Lets call this the updated version where even more food is involved.

So I'm back with a review of Red's True Barbecue. I attended the one based in Manchester City centre, but there's various other one's scattered around the country. 

 I've only ever attended Red's True Barbecue once before and it was so good. I opted for the donut burger then and went straight for it again the second time round too. When I say donut burger I mean an actual doughnut and not some bagel passing off for one; and surprisingly it works. The sweet and savory works just like sweet and salty popcorn does and I'd highly recommend it if you do go along. I ordered sweet potato fries with mine and they were equally just has good.

I'm desperate to go back already!!!!

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