Friday 14 April 2017

Welcome To The World Little One ♥

 Finally, what started off has the fastest pregnancy and then went into a slow last month and half my baby girl is finally here. It's been a whirlwind of adjusting to the needs of a newborn after 5 and half years since having my last baby and it's not been the easiest adjustment with two slightly, older children one of whom is autistic and quite dependent on me at times. I feel like I've taken to it like super Mum, although it's still the holiday's and I'm dreading half term coming to a close and school beginning on Tuesday. Let's me introduce you to...

 Baby Esmae
How gorgeous is she? Esmae was born 6 days over her due date, which was originally the 2nd of April and arrived April 8th. She weighed 7lb 8oz and was 51cm's tall.

Having had trouble with breastfeeding with my previous two children I went into this with an open mind and stocked up on baby milk, but Esmae took to being breastfed straight away and I'm so happy that it's gone much better than I could ever imagine and I'm glad I'm able to give her the best start in life in regards to the many benefits of breastfeeding. She also passed hearing and hip tests, etc.

Only I could go and take my two kids to the play area whilst having contractions. We'd stayed in for a few days and I was going insane and just felt like going out and getting the kids out too. This was the same day we experienced a bit of an heatwave and I'd originally planned to go further afield and swapped places to visit 3 times before settling for the play area, but that was because my Mum wasn't having any of it in regards to me going such a distance when I'd been feeling achy the previous day and then having aches and pains since waking up on the day in question. So we went to the play area, walking, and I was having contractions throughout and I managed to eat dinner and then I started feeling emotional and telling my Mum I couldn't stay anymore and felt it was time to contact the hospital and inform them my contractions were very close together - I say close because I went to the toilet and had 3 contractions in the process of walking to the cubicle and having a wee (TMI). I mean imagine having contractions surrounded by parents and children at a play area. My Mum rang the hospital whilst I sat on a chair in the carpark and waited for my step-dad to arrive, we then picked up my hospital bags and made our way down to the hospital. In the hospital I was checked and told I was 3cm dilated (this is now an active labour), this was just after 2pm, so I quickly messaged Esmae's Dad who made his way to the hospital and he'd been in the room all of 10 minutes before she made her entrance into the world at 2.58pm. It was an absolute whirlwind and happened so quickly... my waters broke right there on the bed and she was born in less than an hour. The midwife said it was a good job I was taken down when I did. 

My greatest achievements in life are my children and having had all three in less than 7 hours that's just quite something.

I did lose quite a lot of blood in delivery and almost had to have a blood transfusion, luckily it stopped and although a little groggy I ended up being able to go home quite late that night. I was having some dizzy spells and almost dropped to the floor on one occasion the day after, but I'm currently on iron tablets that have made me feel miles better and more like myself. 

Esmae woke up and I said 'Good Morning, Lazy' and she smiled.

Esmae is 1 week old tomorrow and I can't believe how super speedy this weeks gone, it's been an absolute whirlwind of breastfeeding, nappy changes and bringing wind up, all whilst bonding with my little princess. Her brother and sister are absolutely smitten with her, although her brothers more laidback and her sister is obsessed. Esmae had her heel pricked yesterday to test for numerous bits and pieces regarding health, disabilities, etc. 

 Has you can imagine it's been crazy busy and trying to find time for myself to do anything is quite hard to come by nevermind blogging so please bear with me.


  1. Aww! She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! She looks beautiful and what a beautiful name as well!

  3. Huge congratulations lovely! She is beautiful and such a gorgeous name too xx


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