Thursday 21 July 2016

Cushion Covers & Bedding with Yorkshire Linen

 My bedroom has always been my place to go for relaxation and peace and quiet - my little sanctuary. It's a welcome escape from the chaoticness that is a standard day and being a mother of two, quite boisterous children. My personal taste is something quite tranquil, clean and airy, but in reality, it's a mix of clutter, clutter and more clutter - although it is a nice place to escape too.

It's been a couple of years since I moved into this bedroom, I swapped with my son, and the only change it's seen is the new bed I got back in April, apart from that the stripey wallpaper and the walls that make this room remain the same.

There's the need to remove the clutter and decorate, and that means accessorising with lots of new fittings, including cushion's, bedding and homeware pieces. Cushion covers online on yorkshirelinen Co. can prove to be an ideal match for any room.

Sofia Chenille Cushion Cover - Yellow // Palermo Jacquard Silver Complete Boudoir Cushion
// Ingram Embroidered Duvet Cover Set

Duck Egg Jacquard Duvet Cover Set // Metallica Cushion Cover // Lustre Velvet Cushion Cover

Silver's, duck egg blue and yellow's are definitely colours I'd like to put into my room once I start to decorate. These colours are very tranquil and relaxing. They offer just the right amount of colour for that fresh, clean look that I really like. Yorkshire Linen has given me some great ideas for when I redo my room and I'm loving so much of the cushions, bedding and throws they have to offer on their website. There's so much to offer in terms of design, textures and colour, with everything being super affordable too. I'm really looking forward to getting started!

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  1. Love the linen it's perfect for the end of summer, fresh and subtle with the pretty pink tones and velvet finish to the cushions x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


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