Saturday 11 June 2016

Nokia Lumia 930 Trial

 Recently I was given a wonderful opportunity off Microsoft to trial one of their phones. They gave me a selection of phones to choose from and I decided to go for the Nokia Lumia 930 Smartphone, I found this to have the best camera and for myself a keen photographer, and blogger, this was perfect.

 I probably was the only kid at school who didn't ever own the Nokia 3210 and on those days I needed my snake fix I had to borrow my friends, and apart from borrowing my Grandad's very old Nokia a good four years or so ago this is the only Nokia I've ever properly used. My last 4 or more phones have been Samsung and my most recent phone (got a week before trialing this Nokia) is the Samsung Galaxy S6 - I'm very much a Samsung girl. The Lumia 930 certainly took some getting use to and this was just very basic things like texting or downloading social media apps. I find android phones are very samey so they are easier to adjust too but Microsoft have their own operating system with Windows. It didn't take long to adjust, however, and I was soon personalising the phone to my needs with social media apps, etc.

One thing I really loved about the phone was the camera. The shots came out beautifully and the colours were so vibrant and not washed out in the slightest. I used the phone for basic needs like social media, texting, photo's and the occasional phone calls. I think the thing that took some getting use to the most was actually texting. Everything else was relatively easy to use. Saying that, I don't prefer it over my Samsung Galaxy S6. Having been a Samsung girl for so long I just can't bring myself to leave the brand. I also prefer the Android operating system over the Mircosoft version on phones. It's a good phone and if you're looking into going away from android than I really recommend Nokia.

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