Monday, 4 April 2016

Latest In Beauty - Build Your Own Box #1

 I'm a huge fan of the Latest In Beauty boxes and always get the beauty boxes that capture my attention. I find that Latest In Beauty have the best contents, are the best value and you really get decent sized products that allow you to properly sample each one. I've heard about the 'build your own' boxes before, but never looked to much into it until a couple of months ago when a few boxes appeared on instagram and quickly caught my attention. 

 There priced between £8.99 to £16.99, which makes it super affordable for anyone. There's 3 boxes to choose from with box 1 being 3 products, box 2, 6, and box 3, 9. I went for box 3 - there's so many great products and it's easy to make it to 9, plus it feels like I'm getting much better value for money doing it in bulk, especially since it's something I treat myself to every now and again and not every couple of weeks or so.

 It's clear to see just how amazing the contents are and there's more products to choose from, so you're sure to find something that suits your own taste. The value of the box is exceptional at £16.99 (excluding P&P). So exceptional that I've decide to gift me a Birthday/Easter treat and ordered a second one. The contents of this box is worth over £76.

Will you be building your own box? Build yours here.

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